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There is no approach to make an animation of "I am Megu.", ... So, I start doing it a little bit by myself.

As a matter of fact, I bought Poser 5, because of a little bit lower price than before. But it's in vain because of difficulty of the software. And I start to use Poser, in case of making animation of Megu for 3DCG....

May 3, 2005
May 4, 2005
May 5, 2005

May 3
This is not beautiful, poor and eerie. Too less untidy hair. There is no meaning shadow around hip...etc. Not perfect at all.
Specially, I cannot understand the method of treating hair at all ever. I did it because not perfect condition, no money, crowded everywhere, and there is the software not using yet at the holiday week on May 2005... I don't know whether this page will be renewed or made good result at all...

May 4
I treat hair only, the other points are not changed yet.

May 5
Position of the Hiragana-character "ME", a shadow at the hip, and eerie looks are improved. A little nicer ?...

May 7, 2005
May 7, 2005 #2

May 7
I have done some attempts, anyway, the opus #1 is completed. As a matter of fact, I bought not only Poser but also Shade in vain. Further, the data of shade "Hito-no-mori" is also bought but I don't have used it. I pick up bicycle data in it, change it a little, and convert it to Poser data, (This is able to be done from Shade 7.5 and Poser 5, it is great.) and I get together a bicycle and Megu-chan on Poser. Therefore, rendering is done in Poser. But I cannot do well yet, a 4th finger of left hand is broken in this photo... Anyway, eerie matter is not changed at all.

May 7 #2
Like the original illustration, MEGU looks left. This is the end ? But still eerie.

Feb. 26
"Ringhills" page in Japanese is breaking out enormous access by Japanese most famous BBS "2 channel" etc. picked up our page. On this cituation, I translate all cartoon to English, and "I am Megu." 4-frame cartoon corner is opened.
Further, I show you the 2 types of "Akira-juku" animation made on last summer on the next.

"Akira-juku" animation type 1
Caution ! The sound is included.

"Akira-juku" animation type 2 (at Okino-tori-shima island)
Caution ! The sound is included.

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