Hokkaido Map Scenery ver 1.0

Japanese version

This product is an add-on scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 (FS2002), and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS2004).

On a Microsoft Flight Simulator world, the reference position or the size of the scenery is not correct. And there are many problems at playing FS or making objects. (In detail, please read HERE.) So, we think that the reference position problem will be resolved if a map will be the scenery itself.

Concretely, I use GSI's digital map 200000 (map image) Japan I/II/III as an original map for covering all Japan. Because this is a "map" scenery, the use of this scenery is different from usual one. That is; this is not for flight but for confirming a position. For example,

1. Confirming a position of the river in the mountain area in SLEW mode.
2. Enjoying the scene of like a 3D map in SLEW mode.
3. Using this scenery as a position reference for making objects.

Specially #3 is for a person who makes a scenery. For example, if you want to put a village office object at XX village XX county XX state, you have no idea where to be putting it in previous. If this is a pin-point position, you can put it by corresponding Lat/Lon coordinate easily. But if you want whole road of the vicinity of the village, it is not easy to determining positions of all objects. You encounter position error problem if the area is vast. And in the case of re-structing terrain of default scenery, you can use this scenery as a reference.

There are following defects in a map scenery.

1. You cannot see the scene because this is a map itself.
2. This is very heavy because it is equal to cover all of Japan by full resolution photo scenery. (This is made by 4.8 m / pixel resolution.)
3. There are few position error, not completely zero.

About #2, it is better not to put all files at once, when whole Japan map scenery will be completed. In a present PC condition, it is better to put only small area vicinity of destination point.
About #3, there are still error in spite of adjusting completely at a time of making scenery. Because there are tool error, difference between map plane and globe spherical surface, and error included a map itself. In this scenery, the object of it is confirming the position, the error is clearly displayed. Lat/Lon coordinate lines of WGS-84 are displayed by red lines, so you can get error condition at any point very easily. Concrete value of position error is about 100 m. This is 5 dots because original map has an accuracy of 20 m / pixel. It is your choise to use after adjusting error or use position of this scenery directly. But if you want to get vast area data, the latter option is real, we think.

About real scenery, first we start to make at Northern Territories of Japan. About Northern Territories of Japan, we upload the scenery in FREE of charge on this site. Please use it as a sample of this scenery. About all of Japan, CD-ROM will be distributed because of much data quantity. At first, we release Hokkaido. But it is unknown when sceneries of the other area will be released.

Photo Gallery
These are some places in Hokkaido. Click to enlarge.
First, a top-down view at Sapporo area. Not large area is displayed by FS specification. Next is also top-down view, Higashi Daisetsu Lake vicinity. Shadows of the mountains are beautiful. Next two photos are bird's eye view, Ryujin-Misaki and Mt. Yotei, these are also real.

Let's see for making scenery. If you want to make the road at Shikaoi-town, or houses and rivers at Akkeshi, how to adjust their position ? Like these two photos, the map scenery affords you the complete solution. Further, please enjoy the view of Sounkyo and Hakodate / Hakodate Air Port. About air ports, these are displayed with enlarge in MS default scenery in many cases, in spite of the position is correct.

Hokkaido Map Scenery ver 1.0
Hokkaido Map Scenery ver 1.0 is suitable for FS2002 and FS2004. Because this scenery is heavy just like photo real scenery, it takes a long time to start the game. And we recommend that the number of the library turned on in a scenery library is up to 4.

Hokkaido Map Scenery ver 1.0 Contents
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(We'll send you after making on the general-purpose CD-R.)

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This scenery gets an approval from MSI for release.
(Approval number : Hei 15 Sou-Shi #260 )

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