Autogen building texture

Japanese version

By Autogen SDK is released, it becomes possible to make Autogen buildings. But in default building is looks like some kind of European old building. This building is not so suitable for the scene of modern buildings, or Japanese scene. So, I make the texture which has an image of specially Japanese Metropolitan buildings.

In ver 1.1, there is no change in Japanese scenery. In the USA, I change it for not showing typical Japanese style items "shoji", clothes pole, and red / blue roofs.

Autogen building texture
ver 1.1

Autogen building texture ver 1.1

I make the buildings of Asia including Japan, and North America. An image of the building is one of Tokyo Metropolitan area in JAPAN. In the USA, the typical Japanese style items (red / blue roofs etc.) are not shown.

Common suburb condominium. White one and brown one is very common.
Suburb condominium

Mixture area of suburb houses and apartment houses. Center one and
right one is an image of usual house. There is a "shoji" (paper screen)
in a Japanese-style room at center one, and there is a clothes pole at
a porch of the 2nd floor at right one. The left one is an apartment house.
This is an image of 6 households including 1st and 2nd floors.
Mixture area of suburb houses and apartment houses

Country house with a Japanese-style room. This is nice house
having "shoji" room in the circumstance of woods. But a tile-roof
and "engawa" (Japanese-style porch) are not expressed,
because it relies on only Autogen function.
Country house

Buildings in the big city.
This is a scene of Atatan buildings at East Side of NYC.
Atatan buildings at NYC

Night view of the buildings in the city.
This is a scene of Atatan building beside Roppongi Ark-hills in Tokyo.
Atatan building at Roppongi

How to distinguish versions
Please look a property of bmp files by clicking a right button of the mouse. You will find a modified date of the newest bmp file like this.
ver1.0Apr. 29, 2002
ver1.1Jun. 23, 2002

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Whether you give a donation or not, the function of this scenery is not affected. There is no limit to the function of this scenery.
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