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Atatan is a business unit for development, manufacture, and
sale of software and miscellaneous goods.

Microsoft Flight Simulator related
Digital Map related
Electronic DIY Kits
Disposable Ring "Ringhills"
Cellular phone strap"I am Megu. and Intl. Brushcut"
About us
I am Megu. Atatan original character
"I am Megu."
3DCG I am Megu
"I am Megu." 4-frame cartoon

Free Tools and Content for 3D Artists

Create 3D Art for Free

Free 3D Models Create 3D Art for Free Carrara 8

If you want to contact us, or if you'd like to make an animation of "I am Megu.",
please click HERE.

Atatan was established on May 1, 2001.
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