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Original PCB kit series - New -

Original PCB kit series are easy to make with challenging spirit using Atatan original-designed PCB.
This series consist of micro-computer related circuits which is not easy to make by using wiring in the air or a perforated circuit board. And, it is pursued that something exists at "no other place" with original challenging spirit.
There is no detail manual and no disclose of source code, but there are advantages of easy-to-make and beauty with original-designed PCB.

Signal generator
Lissajous Generator

Perforated circuit board kit series

Perforated circuit board kit series are not using a printed circuit board, but using wiring in the air or a perforated circuit board. So, you can memorize clearly of which part in the circuit diagram you wired. We pursue simplicity which is easy to understand by a manual with many photos and figures. We want to make not a manual that it is unknown to where to start to read, but to be enjoyed as a reading matter. But we are not native English speakers. Would you forgive verbal mistakes please. We provide a pleasure to imagine with wireing which operation is done by the part wiring in present, by explaining principle of the operation briefly. We'd like to use not ICs easily, but discrete parts mainly. If we use ICs, the ICs doing basic operation will be used. And we adopt a paper craft method by a pdf file which is reasonable, easy, and beautiful, as a case of which is an amusement goods.

As you see in above, Perforated circuit board kit series are not products to be high performance, low price, or compact. This is a special product for enjoying with understanding. This kit is suitable for not only hobby for adult, but also a teaching aid from a handicraft for an elementally school child to a teaching material for an experiment of electronic circuits in a high school or college student. And this kit becomes a toy for kids after DIY completed.

AM radio
Germanium Radio Kit
IC AM Radio Kit
1.5V Pillow Speaker Radio Kit
Power supply
Dry battery Up-converting Power Supply
with Oscillator Kit
Basic circuit
Transistor (FET) basic amplifiers Kit
Light toy
Blinking Patrol Car Kit
Light wave comm.
FM-Light Wave Communication TX RX Kit

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