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Dry battery Up-converting Power Supply with Oscillator

Finished after assembling

Magnified photo of LED display part

A part of manual
This is an up-converting switching regulator power supply from 3 AA-cells dry batteries to get DC 5-12V. Because AC line is not needed, this kit is suitable for an easy experiment of digital and analog circuits. Further, this kit includes audio-frequency oscillator. Let's try it for preparing various experiment you will make in the future. Further, it is very different from Germanium Radio Kit that we adopt very new MOS FET and switching regulator circuit in this kit. A big heat sink is no longer needed, the concept of power supply is very different from old days one. If you will make the Germanium Radio and this power supply both, you will enjoy good points both of now and then.
You will decorate your case by using pdf. file we provide you with another announce. If you use plural of this kit, you will get +/- or plural voltages. The upper photo is a part of manual. This manual includes many photos, substantial wiring figures, and explanation to make. You can achieve not only to make easy but also to understand principle of the operation of the circuit simultaneously. The photo upper-left is finished after assembling. You can choose the design and body color.

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Dry battery Up-converting Power Supply
with Oscillator Kit

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