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Transistor (FET) basic amplifiers

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This is a kit for doing an experiment of basic transistor and FET amplifier circuits. You can make an FET amplifier, transistor Base-grounded, Emitter-grounded, and Collector-grounded (Emitter-follower push-pull) circuits by only this kit. Because the purpose of this kit is an experiment, there is no sounds, no lights, and no case using pdf file. There is no entertainment, but you will be impressed for making your own basic circuits. If you have an oscillator and oscilloscope etc., you can check the operation of your circuits. We provide you the circuit, design method, and graph of the performance in the manual. You can download measurement data in Excel format, and you can use it from summer vacation work in an elementary school to assistance for experiment work in a junior-high school; high school; college's electronics class. Specially, in the case that you are not finished even measuring yet at just a previous day for time limit of the report you have to finish, you can finish your report by the downloaded file, with changing colors of the line etc. And your teacher cannot find it is the same if another person will do the same thing. ???????

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Transistor (FET) basic amplifiers Kit

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