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FM-Light Wave Communication TX RX

Communication test. This scene reminds
us the heater of the vacuum tube.

Completion of a transmitter and a receiver

Inside of a transmitter

A part of manual
Be particular, this is Atatan Kit ! The most effective feature of this kit is adopted FM (Frequency Modulation) (Sub-carrier modulated by signal). Because we adopt FM (in other words, PPM : Pulse-Position Modulation), there is no problem such as hum noise different from a cheap AM kit. There is more particular thing. In usual light wave communication, it is easy for achieving the ability to be used Infra-Red Laser Diode. But IR wave is invisible and laser is dangerous. Atatan adopts visible, LED for our kit. That is, have fun with seeing and safe for your eye. It means that children can make it easily and safely. Further, our LED is super high intensity. (depend on our supply condition, 33000 mcd max.) There is no pdf file case, but you can buy very low price plastic case at a supermarket for the case making.
The main part of the receiver is discrete transistor circuit. The final of the receiver and modulator of the transmitter is made by common IC's, it is easy to make. You will enjoy whether we try to make characteristics using normal general purpose parts.

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FM-Light Wave Communication

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