Flight Simulator Scenery

I make scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Northern Territories map scenery,
Shikotan island terrain scenery,
Keihin-jima Oi-wharf experiment scenery,
Tokyo MEX & Yamanote-line (some of them are animated),
Yokohama scenery,
Fireworks in the world (animated),
Fireworks for Final Approach (animated),
Cherry blossoms in the world,
Autogen building texture,
NAGANO Olympic Ski Jumping (Jumper animated)
Notsuke peninsula "Todowara" scenery, and
FS2000 LAGO-Tokyo enabler
New HANEDA2000 - Tokyo MEX enabler
are here.

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Japanese version

What's new.

Mt.Chacha of Kunashiri island

Northern Territories map scenery

MMFS2002 ready FS2004 ready
A map scenery of Japan's Northern Territories. GSI's digital map (Map Image) is used.

Whole view from Keihin-jima to Oi-wharf of an illustrated scenery Whole view from Keihin-jima to Oi-wharf using Coast-Line-Maker scenery

Keihin-jima Oi-wharf experiment scenery

MMFS2002 ready FS2004 ready
Experiment scenery for FS2002, using an illustrated scenery method and a Coast-Line-Maker scenery method. There are some problems yet.

A spring of Syakotan port in Shikotan island.
Shikotan island terrain sceneryMMFS2002 ready FS2004 ready
A terrain mesh scenery of Shikotan island. It is made by hand from raster map contour data.

Hamazakibashi JCT of Tokyo MEX TW version.

Tokyo transportation sceneryMMFS2000 ready
Scenery including Tokyo MEX way & JR Yamanote-line train. There are many versions for FS98, FS2000, and TW version etc.

Yamanote-line is moving !
Animated Yamanote line train scenery FS2000 ready
From for FS5.1 to FS2000, with or without dynamic scenery, many versions are available.

It's Tsurumi-river.

Yokohama sceneryMMFS2000 ready FS2002 ready FS2004 ready

Yokohama scenery made by a new technique called illustrated scenery.

Fireworks Festival in the world !
Fireworks in the worldMMFS2000 ready FS2002 ready FS2004 ready
Fireworks festival in the world, there are many types of fireworks. From FS5.1 to FS2002, there are many versions.

Final approach for Tokyo Haneda 34R.
Fireworks for Final ApproachMMFS2000 ready
At the end of the flight, Fireworks welcomes to your landing.

Versions for FS95/2002 are available.

Cherry blossom textureMMFS2002 ready FS2004 ready

Simple texture for viewing cherry blossoms in the world.

Atatan buildings in NYC

Autogen building textureMMFS2002 ready

Customized Autogen building texture.

Gold medal jump of JAPAN jumping teamI
Nagano Olympic Winter Games
Ski Jumping team GOLD medal scenery

This is a GOLD medal jumping of NAGANO Olympic Games.
Jumper "Happy" Harada is jumping, and spectators cheer very lively.

Beautiful scene of Todowara

Notsuke peninsula "Todowara" scenery

Rotted trees "Todowara" on Notsuke peninsula, Hokkaido Japan. There are primeval flower gardens and "Utase-Bune" ships too.

FS2000 LAGO-Tokyo enabler
FS2000 LAGO-Tokyo enabler

I solve a FS2000 problem in LAGO Tokyo scenery.

New HANEDA2000 - Tokyo MEX enabler New HANEDA2000 - Tokyo MEX enabler

I solve a problem of Tokyo MEX in LAGO New HANEDA2000.

Strange way for enjoying Flight Simulator
I introduce you the way for enjoying FS without take off nor landing.

Letters from construction site
I introduce you a brief description of the road work, and problems for making scenery.

Miscellaneous thoughts of FS2002 scenery
FS2002 scenery review from strange angles.

Miscellaneous thoughts of FS2004 scenery
Miscellaneous thoughts of FS2004 scenery.

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