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I made this site by my real name since 1995, but there is no merit to show my real name.
So the name of this site is changed to S.Ito. Thank you.

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My call sign of amateur radio is JE1QMS . I started ham radio from 1972, but it has been QRT for long years. In those days, I used TRIO TR-1200 which is the famous rig as a "first transceive transceiver" (It adopted "RIT" at first in the world.), and QRV at 6m A3 only output power 1 W.
Because I am a JARL member, the address of JE1QMS and
@jarl.com is also available for sending mail to me.

Further I am an ARRL member, the address of JE1QMS and
@arrl.net is also available for sending mail to me.

Brief self-introduction
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It is nothing special to tell, I was born and raised in Tokyo (Minato-ward) Japan. My birth date is August 25, 19XX. This is the day of the first sold day of instant Ramen (Japanese standard Chinese noodle) called "Chicken Ramen" in the world. And this day locates between the birth date of Madonna and Michael Jackson. The same birthday for the former king of Germany Lutwig II, he is a famous of eccentric in the world. etc.etc... (On this year 19XX, Tokyo tower (Minato-ward) was constructed and Machida-city was established.)
Because I make "strange" sceneries e.g. Tokyo MEX way for MicroSoft Flight Simulator, my blood type is type B with no doubt. (Only in Japan, it is common that a characteristics of a person is related to ABO blood types.)
My hobbies --- Watching cow and goldfish. Here in Machida, there are many cows, it is good place except train for Tokyo is very crowded.


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