Vacuum tube and Electronic DIY

In early '70s, I made electronic DIY frequently. But have not been about 30 years. I send you articles about a tale of vacuum tubes, and electronic DIY (almost Vacuum tube audio amplifier....) which revives suddenly in 2002.

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Vacuum tubes for beginners
Old content existing from 1996. A tale of early '70s vacuum tubes.

Super Triode connection Circuit (STC) Vacuum Tube Amplifier
An STC amplifier using 6BM8, I suddenly want to make it in 2002.

Backloaded Horn Speaker
The speaker which is my first made one with "Yaki-nori" amplifier. This is small but backloaded horn.

Electronic DIY Kit
I make easy electronic DIY. This is not a page of a story of my experiences to make a kit being on the market, but a page of creating kits for providing opportunity for you to experience vicariously doing DIY I have done.

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